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Revenue Management

○ Streamline systems set up for accurate foundation of data.
○ Develop an overall strategy with focus on target market analysis, demand generation, selling channels, pricing and inventory control.
○ Profit-driven - total revenue management (room, SPA, FB and events).
○ Analytics reports and data visualization to enable decision-making.
○ Strategic approach - Implement, measure, evaluate and ameliorate.
○ Sales forecasting and sales strategy meeting


○ Drive direct bookings.
○ Website optimization to streamline purchase journey of customers.
○ Distribution through channel partners and OTAs.
○ Maintain rate parity, competitiveness and Improve RevPar.
○ Manage relationships with 3rd party vendors for maximum ROI.
○ Strategy formulation and promotion rollout by using social media, SEM and online media.


○ Improve guest satisfaction by optimizing
reservations flow.
○ Elevate workflow of the reservation team to
increase efficiency and reduce errors.
○ Improve sales and upselling skills.
○ Ensure optimal use of systems.

Public Relations

○ Strategic planning.
○ Developing brand storyline for the hotels.
○ Researching suitable media channels and managing media outreach.
○ Reputation management and community relations.
○ Crisis management.

Sales & Marketing

○ Develop sales strategy, leveraging local and global travel trends.
○ Specify source of business and analyse origin of business.
○ Identify, evaluate and prospect key accounts.
○ Establish sales action plans.
○ Review sales performance and provide feedback.

Social Media

○ Social media channel setup and management.
○ Content creation and posting.
○ Community and influencer management.
○ Run social media promotions.
○ Drive brand engagement.
○ Monthly social media reporting.

Hotel Technology

○ Property management systems (PMS).
○ Channel manager.
○ Booking engine.
○ Revenue system and rate comparison tools.
○ Operational systems.

Website Design

○ Customized websites.
○ Responsive design.
○ Conversion driven design and content.
○ Easy to use CMS empowering hotel staff to manage content updates.
○ SEO to dominate search rankings.

Digital Marketing

○ Customer journey analysis.
○ Content strategy for inbound marketing.
○ Email marketing.
○ Paid traffic strategy and implementation.
○ Search engine marketing.

Brand Identity

○ Market analysis.
○ Developing and implementing annual marketing plan.
○ Assist in implementing marketing plan.
○ Identify and maximize brand-affiliate programs.

Training Academy

○ Individual & group training programs (short & ongoing).
○ Leadership development.
○ Internal human resource audits.
○ Commercial Training - revenue, sales, marketing
and customer service.


○ Develop operating budgets.
○ Establish operating procedures.
○ Service agreements, licences and permits.
○ Periodic audit (guest satisfaction, processes and productivity).
○ Establish quality standards.
○ Quality inspections.

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